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Adrenalin Park

Would you like to spend an exciting weekend in nature involved in a variety of sporting activities? Then you simply must visit the Paintball & Adrenalin Centre in Sveta Nedelja, not far from Zagreb. Your free time will be organised in the best possible way and you will experience memories that will last a lifetime.

Come to Adrenalin Park for an unforgettable adventure!
What is Adrenalin Park?

Adrenalin Park contains an obstacle course made up of wooden poles arranged in a polygonal shape, connected to one another with steel cables, at a height of eight to fourteen metres. Each participant will receive different tasks, which involve the passing of various obstacles along the course. The aim of these exercises is to overcome fear, as well as to improve balance, motor and concentration functions. All exercises are performed under the supervision of experienced instructors.


This centre has a long tradition of being an ideal place for team building sessions and challenges every participant to work with each other in team disciplines such as paintballing, shooting, archery, treasure hunting, as well as quad-biking, mini golf and rock climbing.

During a full day trip food and drink can be purchased at the park, or can be brought from home. The centre has a large parking lot so is quite friendly for large groups travelling from afar.


The various seasons pose no problem for the Paintball & Adrenalin Centre, which works all year long, winter or summer, regardless of the weather.


So, come and enjoy the outdoors through sport activities and release any accumulated stress.


Paintball & Adrenalin centar Sveta Nedelja

Jagnjić Dol, Ivanska 23
10 431 Sveta Nedelja
Tel./ Fax.: 01 3323 601 
Mob: 091 518 3801