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Eductional trail of the Sava-Strmec Special Bird Reserve

Two large information points, and nine smaller ones along the path, offer information about the surrounding area and facts about the local bird species.


The Sava - Strmec special Bird Reserve

The protected area at Strmec on the banks of the River Sava was proclaimed a nature reserve for birdlife in 1971. The reserve covers an area of 287 hectares.


The area on both banks of the River Sava to the west of Podsused is a unique habitat for numerous bird species. It is covered in willow, poplar, alder and thick low-lying vegetation interwoven with meandering streams and tributaries, sand and gravel banks and marshy meadows.


This area is especially notable as a gathering point for some important and rare types of birds, for example the Eurasian Hobby, Little Ringed Plover, Spotted Sandpiper, Plover, Common Kingfisher, European Bee-Eater, Hoopoe, Penduline Tit, Nightingale and Barred Warbler. The Penduline Tit, which builds hanging bag-shaped nests, is an unusual and valuable sight in Europe.