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Come and enjoy the outdoors through sport activities and release any accumulated stress.

Paintball Field

The SupAir polygon consists of a shelter and air-filled balloons which are intended for placement on 30 x 55 metre grass field. This terrain is mobile and can be set-up at any location.


Speedball Field
The Speedball field is actually a copy of the SupAir poligon. It consists of a shelter made of wooden planks. It can serve as a substitute for the SupAir poligon in the winter or for those who want to play on a larger field with more shelters. The dimensions of the field are 30 x 70 meters.


Castle Field
The Castle field is situated on a slight hill, and consists of a castle and a series of wooden shelters. It is suitable for both small and large groups. During breaks and in between games you can enjoy the beautiful view overlooking the city of Zagreb and its surroundings.

Forrest Field
The Forest field is a new terrain for paintball games. It is particularly attractive for this sort of event due to the natural configuration of streams, small rivers, small hills, and valleys. It is worth pointing out that the water is completely clean, so even if you fall in it’s safe. To get the maximum enjoyment out of these surrounds we recommend a minimum of ten participants per game.


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