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Sveta Nedelja

Sveta Nedelja developed in the shadow of its hill that bathes in the Sava´s flow, close to the capital and yet far enough from its bustle, a town of entrepreneurship, a growing population and developing tourist potential.

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About the Town

Sveta Nedelja, the youngest town in Zagreb County, is geographically located in a very attractive area; surrounded by hills, lakes and the Sava River. It is located seventeen kilometres west of Zagreb, and five kilometres from the Slovenian border. Situated between Zagreb and Samobor it is known best for Holy Trinity, its parish church, which sits atop a hill at the heart of the town.

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The History of Sveta Nedelja

Although Sveta Nedelja is the newest addition to Zagreb County its historical monuments are nevertheless preserved with pride, and show how the region unfolded over the ages. Civilisations in this area date as far back as the Roman Empire.

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Historic sites

Meet the valuable cultural heritage in Sveta Nedelja

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The Sveta Nedelja Lakes

Below the Hills of Sveta Nedelja runs the Sava River, as well as a number of lakes: Rakitje, Strmce, Orešje and Kerestinec. The lakes are a popular site for sport fishing, due to the quality and type of fish found in the freshwater, especially carp. These lakes are a popular destination and attract many tourists for recreational activities and excursions quality and type of fish found in the freshwater, especially carp.

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The Sava-Strmec Special Bird Reserve

The protected area at Strmec on the banks of the River Sava was proclaimed a nature reserve for birdlife in 1971. The reserve covers an area of 287 hectares.

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National heritage

A dozen cultural and artistic associations hold events which foster and promote the Croatian national heritage. For instance, exhibitions are often held that depict traditional Croatian costumes and customs specifically from the Sveta Nedelja region.

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